Advanced Inertia

Advanced Inertia

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This 168-page book is a step-by-step guide to building complex Inertia-powered apps that are easy to maintain for years to come. Learn how to build a connecting layer between a Laravel backend and Inertia.js frontend through practical content. Includes the source code of Mixjobs, a production-ready Laravel application built using the best practices from the guide.

Use Inertia like a boss

This guide covers both frontend and backend perspectives, from resolving common misconceptions to building heavy apps.

Modern monolith apps

Dive into advanced Inertia.js concepts and patterns, and take your full-stack development skills to the next level. The book skips the basics and navigates you through progressive scenarios.

Static analysis and code quality

Learn how to spot bugs, catch common issues, and fix them automatically, even without writing tests. Get code conventions in sync with your team across projects.

Missing features

Get first-class support for essential Laravel features with the help of the Inertia-ready package ecosystem. Bring back the feeling of working on a single codebase.

Structuring apps

It's challenging to structure apps when you go beyond basic CRUD interfaces. Learn how to organize code, make it predictable even when you get back to a project a year later, and keep it clean.


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