Battle Ready Laravel

Battle Ready Laravel

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Suffering from Technical Debt?

Do you want to learn how to audit, test, fix and improve your Laravel web apps?

Battle Ready Laravel is your ultimate guide to creating bulletproof Laravel applications . You will learn how to improve the performance, maintainability and security of your Laravel projects. Battle Ready Laravel provides you with hands-on experience and starting points on how to audit, test, fix and improve your Laravel web apps.

It is a great resource for both experienced and inexperienced Laravel developers looking to improve their codebase and application’s quality.

What's Covered in the Book?

As a freelance web developer, I'm really lucky and I get the chance to work on a lot of exciting projects. The majority of the time, the projects that I work on are existing projects and I'm brought on board to help add extra functionality, remove technical debt , add test suites , and generally improve the maintainability of the system .

In this book, I'm going to take you through the exact same steps that I use when improving Laravel projects . You'll be given actionable advice and steps that you can use straight away in your own projects.

What Will I Learn?

We'll start by learning how to use automated tools and manual methods to audit the codebase and find weaknesses and areas to improve .

You'll then learn how to write tests that increase our confidence in our code and reliability for our end users.

You'll learn how to reduce (and hopefully remove!) technical debt and fix bugs. I'll also show the most common mistakes and errors that I see in Laravel apps and show you can avoid them yourself.

By the end of the book, you should feel like a more confident developer and have a better insight into how to manage your Laravel apps to keep them efficient, testable, and maintainable !


    Section 1: Auditing

  • What's Covered

  • Planning Your Auditing Strategy

  • Automated Tooling

  • Manual Auditing

  • Section 2: Testing

  • What's Covered?

  • Planning Your Testing Strategy

  • The Benefits of Writing Tests

  • Structuring Your Tests

  • Writing the Tests

  • Testing Your UI with Laravel Dusk

  • Testing Your UI with Laravel Dusk

  • Section 3: Fixing

  • What's Covered?

  • Planning Your Testing Strategy

  • Using an Error Reporting System

  • Uptime Checking, Queue Monitoring and Scheduler Monitoring

  • Updating PHP, Laravel and Packages

  • Using a Suitable Local Development Environment

  • Using Tests to Fix Bugs

  • Safely Removing Code

  • Section 4: Improving

  • What's Covered?

  • Planning Your Testing Strategy

  • Making the Most of PHP's Type System

  • DRYing Up Your Code

  • Refactoring Conditions

  • Using Database Transactions

  • Improving the Testability of Your Code

  • Using Objects over Arrays


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Ash Allen Profile Picture

Ash Allen

Hey there! My name's Ash Allen! 👋 I'm a Laravel web developer from the UK. I've worked with many companies from around the world to help build and improve Laravel applications that they can be proud of! I have several PHP packages which have been installed over 150k times. I also love working on other open-source projects and have contributed to the Laravel framework.