Laravel Secrets

Laravel Secrets

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Why is it worth reading?

When we started using Laravel we found so many out of the box features. Over time, more features have been added at a pace which can be hard to keep up with. All these hidden features can make your life so much easier as a developer.

This book helps you discover these hidden features and shows how they can be applied to your application today. We will focus on the why and less on the how. The understanding of the why helps you make your own definitions on how to implement a feature when you're not sure how to start.

The most important things you'll learn

  • Focus on the why and less on the how
  • Deep dive into all the hidden features of models
  • Hidden features from the documentation you wished you found before
  • Laravel Eloquent and its hidden powers and improvements
  • Strategies on how to apply design patterns from the framework in your own projects
  • Getting the most out of your command line classes and making commands fun again
  • Lots of snippets you can apply immediately in your code base
  • Improve your development experience with more snippets



  • Console Colors

  • Console Progress Bar

  • Console Tables

  • Design Patterns

  • Singleton Pattern

  • Manager Pattern

  • Null Object Pattern

  • Models

  • Attributes

  • Original

  • Changes

  • Dates

  • Touching Relationships

  • With or Without Relationships

  • Force Fill

  • Events on Model Events

  • Unguard(ed)

  • Snippets

  • Eloquent & Models

  • Middleware

  • Form Requests

  • Queues

  • Views

  • Testing

  • Nova

  • Helpers

  • Collections

  • Extras


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Stefan Bauer Profile Picture

Stefan Bauer

My name is Stefan Bauer, located in Germany, Bavaria, more precisely Munich. I'm the founder of - a simple website and SSL monitoring tool.

I have more than 15 years of experience in development and building things. I am a public speaker. Next talks will be given in 2023 on Laracon India and Laracon EU.

Bobby Bouwmann Profile Picture

Bobby Bouwmann

My name is Bobby Bouwmann, located in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I spend most of my free time on Laracasts to help other Laravel developers with their challenges.

I have been playing with Laravel for the past 5 years. I'm also a public speaker and have spoken at conferences like Laracon EU and Laracon US.