PHP 8 in a Nutshell

PHP 8 in a Nutshell

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"PHP 8 in a nutshell" is a book that neatly puts together all the new and important features of PHP 8 in a clear and to-the-point manner without all the fluff.

The book tries to cover all PHP 8's developer-facing features in a short and concise format that covers all the important nitty-gritty and the things you would want in a real-world scenario.

The book also covers the newest minor releases PHP 8.1 and 8.2 and the features and enhancements that come with them.

You'll get two nicely structured eBooks in PDF.

One in the light mode and the other in the beautiful dark mode if you prefer the latter.

You'll also get the book in the EPUB format.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your copies now!


    PHP 8

  • Union Types

  • The Nullsafe Operator

  • Constructor Property Promotion

  • New String functions

  • Non-capturing Exception Catches

  • The Mixed Type

  • Match Expressions

  • Named Arguments

  • Attributes

  • The ::class keyword

  • Throw as an Expression

  • The get_debug_type() function

  • PHP 8.1

  • Readonly Properties

  • Native Enumerations

  • Fibers or Coroutines

  • Intersection Types

  • First-class callables

  • New in initializers

  • Array unpacking with string keys

  • The array_is_list() function

  • The Never Return Type

  • Final class constants

  • Conclusion

  • Conclusion


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