Serverless Laravel

Serverless Laravel

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"Serverless" refers to a cloud application development model that allows developers to execute code without managing the server directly.

In this series, you'll learn how to deploy Laravel applications to AWS Lambda (serverless) through Laravel Vapor. In the process, we'll understand what it means to run serverlessly. We'll also look under the hood and discuss how AWS actually runs your application.


  • Getting Started with Serverless


    Let's begin with a quick introduction to serverless, AWS and Vapor. We'll create a Vapor account and give it programmable access to our AWS account.

  • Your First Deployment


    In this episode, we'll deploy a Laravel application to AWS Lambda through Vapor and verify that the web, queue, and scheduler components work as expected.

  • Behind The Scenes


    With our application now deployed, let's explore what Vapor did to make the application run serverlessly.

  • Environments and Environment Variables


    Each project in Vapor may have as many environments as it needs. We can manage each environment's configuration and environment variables separately. Let's look into that.

  • Concurrency in AWS Lambda


    AWS Lambda offers two concurrency control tools. Reserved concurrency and provisioned concurrency. Let's walk through them and see when it makes sense to use each.

  • Scaling in AWS Lambda


    Next up, let's learn about how AWS Lambda scales an application under the hood. We'll also look into the lifecycle of the lambda container.

The list is in progress, it will be completed very soon.


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