Testing Laravel

Testing Laravel

  • 06 h 00 min
  • Intermediate
  • $89.00



  • Learn best practices for testing Laravel applications
  • Ship less bugs to production and refactor stuff with confidence
  • Watch +6 hours of video on both Pest and PHPUnit
  • Get access to our demo application with test suites
  • Learn how to convert an existing PHPUnit test suite to Pest


You will learn how to write a test suite from scratch. We'll cover how to make sure your homepage works, how you can test form submissions, what the different types of tests are, and much more!



After we've covered the basics, we'll show you how to test policies, middlewares, controllers, mails, views, and all kinds of features. We'll cover snapshots testing, pragmatic mocks, how to test domain code, how to set up CI, and much more.

Testing Laravel


Pest is the new kid on the block in the PHP testing world that focuses on stellar developer experience. It's rapidly rising in popularity, and we believe it'll only grow in the near future. That's why we've recorded our entire course twice: first with PHPUnit, then with Pest and all the awesome features it has to offer.

We'll also show you how to convert an existing PHPUnit test suite to Pest.



    Getting started

  • Intro

  • Our first HTTP test

  • Using a database

  • Using factories

  • Factory relations

  • Testing a form

  • Authenticated testing

  • JSON assertions

  • Exploring the expectation API PEST

  • Automatically rerun tests PEST

  • Higher order tests PEST

  • Higher order expectations PEST

  • Configuring tests

  • Parallel testing PHPUNIT

  • Data providers

  • Configuring database connections

  • Testing tidbits

  • Testing exceptions

  • Testing domain code

  • Getting started

  • Trying out TDD

  • Refactoring with tests

  • Regression testing

  • Snapshot testing

  • Tests and CI

  • Converting an existing PHPUnit test suite to Pest PEST

  • Why use Pest?

  • Installing Pest

  • Using traits

  • Grouping tests

  • Using datasets

  • Rewriting the base testcase

  • Introducing higher order tests

  • Converting assertions to the expectation API

  • Mocking dependencies

  • Testing fakes

  • Mocking

  • Handcrafted mocks

  • Testing time

  • Testing Laravel in depth

  • Middleware tests

  • Validation in depth

  • Validation rule testing

  • Testing file uploads

  • Policy testing

  • Policies continued

  • Testing console applications

  • The HTTP facade

  • Testing blade components

  • Browser tests

  • Dusk in Depth

  • Testing Livewire

  • Testing Jobs

  • Custom factories


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Freek Van der Herten

I'm a PHP developer and Laravel enthusiast. Most of my time is spent at Spatie of which I'm the co-owner. Whenever my colleagues and I stumble upon a problem that we can solve in a clean way, we extract our solution so other developers can use it. Together with my colleagues I regularly release packages that have been downloaded more than 500 million times.

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Brent Roose

I am currently working as Dev Advocate for PhpStorm. I have been working almost exclusively on large web applications for the past few years. Besides my work, I am also very active in the PHP community.